I'm a photographer who sometimes makes generative art from my images, dramatically deconstructing and reconstructing colors, shapes, and relationships. One of the sweetest things in life is to make something that another enjoys, so I hope you find an image in my galleries that leaves you smiling - or curious.

The little Mannikinks book that went on tour around the U.S. with the Arthouse Sketchbook Project is now in the Brooklyn Art Library and digitized at http://tinyurl.com/albin-mannikinks.

And if you saw my work at Artomatic or Mountables, two of those pieces are still available. Any of my images can be created for you using that same high-quality infused aluminum process, by the way, though the images on this site are produced in other forms. Please get in touch with me directly through the Contact button if you'd like to know more that type of Artomatic/Mountables special order.

Thank you for taking a look at my work.